Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post 100!

Yeah, I got nothing.

Didn't play anything new last night, being fairly tired. I had just enough energy to finally push my scrubby Blanka all the way to G2-A. It was nice to pass this benchmark on a win, unlike many of the previous ranking levels that were limped past on the backs on ignomineous losses. The last 100 points came all at once against a semi-flowchart Ken who didn't know that EX up ball beats almost everything. He never learned, either, which made things pretty easy in the end. I know full well that Blanka's power lays entirely in people not knowing his matchup. I have tricks that I only use on people who I can tell have no idea what he can do, and others reserved for people who think they have seen it all, and still others that work only once per match on almosy anyone. Once a person has seen all the shenanigans and I have to improvise on the spot, things turn out much differently.

In that way I provide an important service: teaching people how to beat other Blankas. I just hope that I get to them first.

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