Thursday, April 22, 2010

Previous attempts.

Oh yeah. This is a movie from my childhood. We recorded it with one of our first VCR's, long before we figured out how to not record the commercials. My brother watched it about once a week; perhaps he had a thing for Lou Ferigno, or maybe he just liked the 'special effects.' I am no less guilty, but at least putting in it again was never my idea. Looking back at it now the fighting is laughable, with flashes right out of Batman punctuating the violence. Even the tamest games now show the moment of impact. Shielding the young from the evils of imitation violence is no longer such an issue. Sex is still verboten, but that is a different discussion.

Each boss battle in God of War III has gotten progressively more violent, and I have only been playing for about six hours. Last night was Hercules, prodded on by a drunken Hera. This is after you tear of Helios' head and keep it in your pocket, shatter Hades' skull after tearing him apart piece by piece and cut off Hermes' legs just because his boots would look better on you. Herculeas has his head turned to mush with his own weapons, and I am nervous about where things are going to go from here. How long can any game keep up this level of grotesque violence before it trips over the thin divide between 'Wow, look at that!' and 'Eww! Don't look!'? It still isn't as bad as Condemned 2, and I hope no game ever gets there.

I also wonder what gods are left to kill. Athena is already dead from the last game, though she is back again and being a non-corpreal pest. Thankfuly Ares has not managed to make the same comeback. Personally I would love an appearance by Dionysus. Imagine Kratos coming across a rotund god, sloppy drunk and wallowing in his own filth, and realizing that not all of the gods need to be killed. Killing Poseidon flooded most of Greece, the death of Helios blotted out the sun. Would even Kratos, the bastard that he is, kill the god of wine, thereby dooming all of humanity to live of sobriety? Could anyone be so cruel? I think not.

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