Friday, April 2, 2010

Stark reality.

Apparently Abel is a terrible match up for me. I did not know this until last night when I was manhandled for quiet a while, punished by my own reflexes. It is a preview of Super, as Abel's ultra makes Blanka balls unsafe even on hit. His second ultra in super will be even faster, and Fuerte has one just like it, so I need to learn to be much less reliant on my down back ways and play a little footsies. It also couldn't hurt to add a little depth to me roster; I played a series of random matches with a different person and lost most of them, though I did make a very good showing in a Dhalsim (me) versus Sagat round. I kept him out for as long as I could, but the rubber man was simply no match for pressure knees.

I know where my particular plateau lies: my execution is terrible. Hand me a Ryu and ask me to do his ultra and I will only get it about 75% of the time. My experiment with Rufus ended when I couldn't cancel anything into his ultra consistently. The answer is simple: sit down in practice mode and do the moves over and over (and over), but I lack the patience to do so; I have no focus and have been coasting by on old skills for a very long time. This is also the reason the I skipped Street Fighter 3; it's scary and I had no one to fall back on. With the entire cast getting a damage nerf in Super, the execution piece will only become more crucial as openings get smaller. It will be like fighting Sagat all the time, only oiled up and occasionally wearing pink.

Perhaps I am just discouraged. Time to get back on the horse.

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