Thursday, April 29, 2010

They come out of the woodwork.

Ranked mode in Super Street Fighter IV is full of absolute noobs right now. All the better for me to abuse with shenanigans, and I make no apology for it. I am not the only one who has had this idea, though, as I have run into more other Blanka's than usual. The scariest part is one or two of them have been okay. Then there was the one who spammed electricity, never figuring out that I could slide at him every time for free hits. This wonderland of combo practice is only partially because the game is so new; most people who are any good don't bother with ranked and are just playing one another in lobbies, meaning having a great ranking number is the just being the best of the worst. Still, as Milton said, it is better to rule in hell than to server in heaven. Heaven being where people beat on you with Juri wake up pinwheels and ridiculous Dudley combos, and hell is full of flow chart Kens and lariat spam.

As much as I like Street Fighter, other games are still demanding my attention. Samurai Showdown Sen with get an hour or so tonight, no longer. Just enough time to run through the story mode once with Haomaru and try to find an online match. If the net code is the same as King of Fighters XII was there will be no reason to give it any more time than that. One of the long weekend evenings has to be spent on Final Fantasy XII, as for some reason I cannot identify I care about what is going on and if the breaks between sessions get to long I will never go back. Then again maybe I just want to admire the excellent afro physics, which really are a sight to behold. Sazh has made a few interesting decisions in the first half of the game, one being opting to not kill one of the most annoying characters in a Final Fantasy ever (something that I will not forgive him for) but he is still the best reason to keep going. How can you say no to this face?

I wonder if he is going to eat that.

Make him skinnier and give him a filthy mouth and he could pass for Richard Pryor. How can I lose?

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