Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three hours of impressions.

After one day of Super Street Fighter IV, I have the following observations:

Dhalsim - Improved by not being changed at all. Dhalsim was the only original character to not receive a damage nerf on his normals. This is huge as the vast majority of his hits (at least when I play him) are annoying little pokes to keep people away. If I can figure out the instant air teleport he may be a solid second.

Blanka - Almost unchanged. LP horizontal ball has a much shorter distance, which means I will have to relearn my ball-bite fake outs. His biggest advantage right now is that the game is full to the brim with people who don't know his tricks. I have several weeks, if not months, of people to abuse. I am a terrible person for doing this, but I have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Honda - LP torpedo seems better. I will never (ever) be able to do his Ultra II.

Adon - I really want to like him, but his normals don't have much range and his entire offense seems to be built around quick in and out combos for big damage. This would be fine, only I have a really hard time pulling off his FADC into Ultra combo. This is what killed Rufus for me, and I am determined to push through it for Adon.

I tried T Hawk and got killed because I cannot do circle motions for command throws. I tried Makoto and got killed because her normals don't make a damn bit of sense to someone who never played much Street Fighter 3. I tried Guile and he sucks significantly less, but his new easier to actually use ultra isn't much good and his shades offer no bonus beyond looking cool. Which is enough, I suppose.