Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vitamin D deficiencies.

Every single interesting story idea that anyone who worked on White Knight Chronicles had was crammed into the last three hours. There were betrayals, double crosses, maniacal laughter and a death in the family. There was also no resolution of anything and a last guy so out of left field that it gives 'fate' from Final Fantasy XIII a run for its money. None of my characters was anywhere near the level cap of fifty, so I assume I missed a lot, but beating the final boss was not exactly difficult as it was (turn two characters into knights, hit with strongest attack, allow avatar to heal, repeat until done). I didn't even load up the new game plus, and foolishly deleted my save afterward. They are already working on the sequel, and as Mass Effect II showed pulling old characters back in is a great way to build interest from the very beginning. On the other hand, my avatar might as well have been a walking potion dispenser; all he did was heal and remove status effects.

Not much else to talk about today. I could complain about Sony pulling Linux support from old PS3's (I have a launch 60 gig, go me) but I don't really care, and such shenanigans are commonplace for Sony. Plus I had no plans of ever using the feature. I could laugh at Microsoft for releasing updates for Modern Warfare 2 in the wrong order, but again, it really doesn't affect me. I could even lament Capcom almost ignoring my chosen character in Super Street Fighter IV, giving him very few if any updates, but at least I don't play Sagat or Gen. In truth, it is almost 75 degrees outside on the first day of April in the central Midwest, and even the palest, most isolationist bastard (of which I am one) feels the need to not be in a basement for a few hours.

It's a shame I am at work, and have nowhere to go. Time for an extended lunch break.

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