Monday, April 12, 2010

Why yes, it is lunch time.

Finally, over six hours in, the last game play mechanic (I think) has been unlocked and I now have the fullness of Final Fantasy XIII laid out before me, and it is a warmed over plate of leftovers glistening with 1080P MSG. There is nothing wrong with re-using ideas; I can count games that were comprised of entirely new concepts that have come out in the last few years on one hand. My problem is I was expecting more, something that I should know better than to do with Square-Enix. Final Fantasy XII was just XI minus the need for real people to play with, and XI was a way to generate money to recover from Spirits Within at the small cost of human souls. IX was a throw back to XI, XIII was just XII plus angst and XII itself was a gigantic middle finger to Nintendo. I'd go back further, but then I would have to lie and say that I actually played them from beginning to end. Oddly enough, XIII and it's quick paradigm shifts in combat reminds me most of X-2, a game all about the quest to bring back someone who never really existed in the first place and look as slutty as possible in the process.

Y, R, P, in position!

Yes, I have have played every game mentioned from beginning to end, and in spite of my condescending dismissal they were all good. Even X-2. I cannot help but be sucked into their overly complicated stories, thinly stereotyped characters and gorgeous but completely uninteractive set pieces. Final Fantasy games are the RPG equivalent of Carl Buddig meats. Individually sliced hours are often thin and tasteless, but once that package is open forty or more can disappear all at once, leaving you with indigestion, slightly embarrassed, and hungry for something with a little more substance.

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