Friday, April 23, 2010

You wouldn't think he would have the time.

God of War III threw a titillation curve ball last night: the first topless women in distress that Kratos ran across he did not sleep with. Instead he muscled her around for awhile, rescued her once, then used her as a jam to stop a wheel from turning. I can only assume that it was messy, it sure sounded that way. Less than an hour later he ran across Aphrodite and two of her boob-maidens. It should come as no surprise how that turned out. If it weren't for the red orb bonus I would have said no to her adulterous advances (this may or may not be the truth). This is as close to out and out pornography as I have seen a main stream game get. The camera pulls away and the two uninvolved women become involved with one another. Ready for the really creepy part? They looked pretty good. It was someones job to animate those things. I can only imagine what he used for research.

The whole jumping the bones of random busty women thing does not fit well with Kratos as a character. Perhaps in the first game when he had a little diversion in his boat, but each successive time has felt more forced. After the loud encounter with Aphrodite Kratos runs into her husband, Hephaestus, who asks if his wife has had another god of war (wiki tells me that Aphrodite and Ares had a thing). Kratos blows him off, goes on a suicide mission, survives, comes back and kills him, then jumps back through a portal and nails his wife again, still covered in the blood of his last victim. Of all the things that are just a bit too much in the series, I have the most issue with this random angry fucking, and this is in the same game that saw Kratos kill Cronus after cutting his way out after being eaten. It is unnecessary and does little more than give ammo to people looking for bad things to say about gaming.

And it doesn't help that Aphrodite looked even better than her playmates. There was a lot of time, effort, texturing and independent (and sometime personal) research put into her; energy I would have sooner have gone into another level or two.


Goodness, youtube has the scene available completely uncensored. I really shouldn't have checked at work.

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