Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The wrong end of the spectrum.

After finishing the marine campaign I was still at a lost as to what people have been complaining about. It is nothing remarkable, but it was not offensive either, and I have played some truly terrible shooters (cough Darkest of Days cough). The marine rookie survived his encounter with the only actor from the Alien movies who is so desperate for work he will be in or voice anything (with an achievement called 'GET TO THE CHOPPER!' for the trouble) and it was time to move on the predator levels.

Apparently the predator is made out of glass.

He is, at least in the beginning, completely melee based. This is not a problem for aliens, as the predator has some sort of immunity to their acid blood, but Marines have these things called guns that they like to shoot other things with. The marines can take you out in only a few shots, so getting in and killing quickly is a necessity; invisibility actually working would make this a bit easier, but once they see you the first time it is never very effective again. As soon as an enemy is knocked down there is the option of finishing them off with an overly long, overly gross finishing move that so transfixes the predator that nothing, not even being shot in the back with a smart gun, can break his concentration. Later on new weapons are found that don't eat up your energy to a few shots, but the melee requirements never really go away. I just don't feel like a predator; I feel like the unfortunate offspring of She-Hulk and Wolverine.

Just try to get that picture out of your head.


At least they both probably survived the encounter. But ew.

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