Friday, May 14, 2010

Back on track.

It has been a few days since I have mentioned anything about Street Fighter, which makes sense because it has been more than a few days since I had last put any time in on it. Adon has been mostly abandoned; his tricks and combos are simply beyond my ability at this time. He will stay in reserve, to be used exclusively in endless matches when I have no one else to play. Dee Jay, on the other hand, will probably find himself in the regular rotation. He is a charge character, which keeps me from having to fight too many of my Blanka reflexes, and he works in either rush down or turtle mode. Everything he has combos off of his crouching medium punch; moving the good combos from practice mode to real life will take time, but they feel much more attainable than anything Adon had (I think I pulled off rising jaguar FADC ultra II once, and that was is practice mode). On top of everything else he is just fun to play. The new (and completely dissmisable) tier rankings were not kind to him, but I am not good enough for the tiers to actually make a difference.

I think I am comfortable in my mediocre state. While my Blanka would never make it very far into a tournament, it is rare that I am embarrassed, and I am only occasionally free. A few matches I had against an exceptional Abel come to mind. I lost every time, but towards the end I wasn’t losing as badly, so I was at the very least adapting slowly. Last night I ran into a very good Dudley who I took down to the last hit of the last round of a three game match. I panicked, managed to throw out a mostly random super, and it was over, but they were very good matches and I really should find a way to upload them somewhere. After that I fought my way back to the finals of the PA ranbat, just to run into a Cody who has yet to lose. This was the first really good Cody I had ever fought, and while I won the first match, the outcome was never really in doubt. He stayed calm, learned my moves, and I could not come up with new ones fast enough. It was a good loss, a learning loss, as was the loss to Dudley.

Coming in second in the first semi-organized play I have had in Super doesn’t hurt either, as does beating a Chun Li that has owned me in the past.

I am going to try to run through Heavy Rain over the weekend. Indigo Prophecy never really jumped the shark for me. Yes, it got silly in the last third, but most games do. It will be interesting to see what kind of ‘experience’ they put together with more money and time.

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