Thursday, May 20, 2010

Caution, a new turd approaches!

The train level in Lost Planet 2 has a gotten a bit of a reputation as either being really cool or total bullshit, depending on who you ask and how successful they were. It feels a lot like an assault level from Unreal Tournament 2004, just on a smaller scale. You start in the back of one train being chased by another. The enemy train slowly creeps up on you, giving you plenty of time to snipe fools in the distance sticking their heads out (pretty cool). This ends abruptly when turrets begin to lob area affect shells in through the windows of your car, knocking you and your buddies out of the open doors to their deaths (bullshit). The turrets are not invincible, but getting a clean shot at them from one moving train to another is very difficult, and throwing grenades out of the windows almost always results in it bouncing around the interior before killing everyone inside (funny, but bullshit). Eventually the train passes and you end up leaping from one track to the other (pretty cool) with a quick time event in between (bullshit). The fight back up to the front of the train is intense, especially if the bad guys get the mech in the middle first (pretty cool). It doesn’t really get out of hand until you come across all the turrets from the first section that you didn’t manage to destroy. This time they can draw a bead on you through the dusty air, through windows and around corners with more shells that knock you right of the edge to your death (bullshit).

All off of this has been forgivable. A 50/50 balance of cool and bullshit is better than most games manage. Then you get to a puzzle sequence where you need to cool a giant gun, load it with ammo, aim it and then fire it at a refugee from Dune. Oh, and all of this needs to be done without any instructions or useable clues on how to do it (bullshit). The AI guys wandering around the platform, comically lugging shells bigger than they were was not the problem. They knew their part, I just couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do. So I died. No problem, restart and try again.

From the beginning of the chapter.


I really want to pretend to be Doc Holiday. Going back to this is going to be a chore, especially if I jump into the PA ranbat tonight, which I really should do because someone I beat last week won on Tuesday, and he plays Ibuki, who is also bullshit.

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