Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My initial impression of Red Dead Redemption is about the same as everyone elses has been: holy shit. I only got to play for about an hour and a half last night, but every minute was gold. The minimal introduction works very well; I don't want to know a lot about the hero, he is supposed to be mysterious. But he is not a scum bag either, being quite polite to just about everyone and turning down illicit female encounters on account of being married and faithful, a rarity for any character coming out of a Rockstar studio. Things are opening up very slowly, keeping me a narrow path while I get the hang of the basics. When violence finally does break out the game betrays its grand theft roots, but nothing is offensive, just unremarkable. I am not playing this game for the action, anyway, I am playing for the ambiance (and cool hats), and unless things get incredibly repetitive I am going to mosey my way about, in no hurry to get anywhere. It makes me wonder why there is even a button to make the main character run, no one seems to be in a big rush to do anything, and if they are, just shoot them in the knee.

This day one infatuation with a game is not a new thing. The first few hours of just about anything are the most fun. There is no pent up frustration from previous sessions or dread of upcoming tasks, just a blank slate for the game to (hopefully) lovingly display itself on. This short time of innocence is part of what keeps me moving from game to game. I want to give everything that passing under my thumbs the benefit of the doubt, it's just that they usually end up being shit, which is okay because I like to complain almost as much as I like to game.

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