Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm just not a very good cowboy

I am not an evil cowboy, a Snideley Whiplash complete with curly mustache or anything like that. Everything I do is with the best intentions, I just don't succeed very often. For example, I was returning from another botched bounty run (I have yet to figure out how bring someone in alive. The poor bastard I was chasing had taken a shot to both knees and was still firing. A punch to the face and he died.) when a random person ran past me screaming that 'they' were going to hang his friend and that he 'ain't done nothin' wrong!' For a few seconds I contemplated the double negative in his statement. If he hadn't done nothing wrong, that meant that he had indeed done something wrong, and that he deserved the punishment he was about to receive. But did he really mean that, or had the scarcity of teeth in his mouth garbled his words? I decided to ask him, but he had run off. I followed at a leisurely pace and found that there was indeed someone about to be hung, and the people doing the hanging clearly didn't want an audience. I took a few shots at the rope, trying my best to be just like Clint Eastwood from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, but had to stop and defend myself just long enough to not end up full of lead. No good, just bad and ugly. The victim dangled from the tree and his friend sobbed. I shot the rope anyway, just to prove that I could when given enough time, and mosied off.

This is just one of many side missions that has appeared randomly as I wandered the countryside. I have run across deputies abusing prisoners who turned their attention to me when I drew a gun on him. There is a man in town who calls me chicken headed every time I walk past, demanding a duel. I found a religious nut dying in the desert, brought her medicine, and left her there when she refused to come back with me. There are all of such quality that it is difficult to tell what is important and what is not, so to avoid missing things I just do them all. This is going to take me a while.

In the interest of keeping the games moving in and out Red Dead Redemption is going to be put on the same schedule as Final Fantasy XIII was, but not because I need a break from it; I just want it to last. Tonight I will jump back into the shallow end of the game pool and give Fairytale Fights a shot. I do not place much stock in most reviews, but this game has received universal hatred, which means I will probably enjoy it on some base, unspeakable level.

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