Monday, May 17, 2010

It never did get better.

Heavy Rain, which I promised not to spoil but am going to do anyway, never improved. I caught more than few movie cliches, up to and including Hanibal Lector killing a census taker, but it did so without the self deprecating humour required to make such thievery acceptable. There were also quite a few plot holes and things that are never explained. Perhaps it is because one of the main characters died in the final act, but that should be no excuse to let the following things slip through:

Ethan (the father of the kidnapped child) thinks that he is the killer. I thought he was the killer for quite a while, as well, mostly because he has occasional blackouts and wakes up origami figures in his hand. When the police find out about these lapses (by assaulting his shrink) they go out looking for him. In the end, he was innocent, but neither the black outs nor his visions on drowning children are ever explained.

Madison (the biker chick hottie) figures out who the killer is before anyone else. She calls the drug addict FBI agent and tells him the whole thing. He says he already knows, but this isn't true. I had just been playing as the FBI agent and he pointed the finger at another cop as being the bad guy. He may have had the right place, but he had the wrong idea of the killers identity.

The actual killer had been a player character the entire time, which was actually a pretty good plot twist, but knowing he was the killer makes quite a few of his previous actions nonsensical. He had been investigating the murders that he had done, visiting victims parents and fishing for information. He then accused someone else of being the murderer (he was just a copy cat killer), killing about a dozen goons and the copy cats father in the process. He was not a good villain...

(times passes)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, at least Heavy Rain hasn't left me with a bad game aftertaste. It's more of a mediocre movie malaise. There was a free extra mission that downloaded automatically when I started it up, but I forgot about it and have already sent the game on its way. No big loss as far as I am concerned.

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