Friday, May 7, 2010

It's all downhill from here.

Remember when I said that I didn't understand all the complaints about Aliens vs Predator? Never mind. I do now, they just didn't kick in until the end of the game. The final two levels of the predator campaign were bullied through using nothing but his one hit kill javelin. Stealth became useless, melee was suicide (which was okay because it wasn't any fun anyway), the flying bladed disc didn't do enough damage and his laser run dry on power far to quickly. You would think that a creature that can self destruct in such a way that takes out several city blocks would have better batteries. Look at me, applying common sense to a game about aliens killing each other. At least there was a boss battle this time around: a giant pred-alien running around a room filled with lava. It was a silly battle, so silly that the game refills your laser energy constantly, admitting that there was no other way to do it.

I was more than a little disappointed when the alien missions did not start with running around as a face hugger, but they do give a good introduction to what the aliens are (just in case you have never seen any of the movies) and they do make your alien stand out from the rest. Number 6, as is branded on her forehead, is no more powerful than any other, but is just a little bit smarter (and not just because I was controlling her). The alien can walk on any surface, and just like the PC predecessor it sounds great but is very awkward in practice. While the level design keeps it from being too disorienting, making the transition from wall to ceiling, then jumping down on a marine and eating his face is nearly as fluid as it should be. I found myself avoiding the ceiling and walls entirely during combat, relying on speed to get me into and out of trouble. It worked, but it wasn't much fun. Aside from the initial training level there wasn't much new to look at. Both these levels and the predator ones are guilty of retreading a lot of ground from the marine campaign. Yes, it is nice to pull the three 'stories' together, but this can be down without dragging all three of them through the same set of caves. This was a wasted opportunity with only a few moments worth bothering to see.

Now to psyche myself up for another weekend of Final Fantasy.


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