Saturday, May 15, 2010

Off the rails.

Well, it's not as bad as that sounds, but I didn't get anything done last night. Instead of starting Heavy Rain spent far to long trying to get the front inputs on my computer to do something, thinking that just maybe I could use those in combination with Windows Media Center to record match replays. That didn't work (at all) so then I did research on internal and external capture cards. Good ones start at over $100, which rules that out, so then I pouted for a little while and by then it was too late to bother starting a new game.

You can guess what I defaulted to.

I fought a very spammy Cammy last night that confused both myself and someone much better than me. His actions were almost random, but they worked, so I had to go into full defense mode to pull out a win. If I can brag for just a second, I have gotten pretty good at adjusting on the fly to opponents play styles. As long as they are in the same league as I am I will eventually figure things out. This doesn't help when they figure me out first, of course, but I have to hang my hat on something.

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