Saturday, May 29, 2010


The pace of Red Dead Revolver is wonderfully laid back. Sure, there are always missions to be done, but there are bounties to collect, horses to corral, black, poker, and horse shoes to be plaid, or I could just set off into the wilderness and hunt. The variety is staggering, but not out of place, and not forced upon me. If I wanted to just gut out story missions one after another I could. There is even fast travel between most of them. But to do so would be to miss the point of a game about the old west. Nothing happened quickly then, nothing apart from gun fights that is. Even then it was more about the anticipation of the violence than the violence itself.

I would type more, but my arms are shiny red and throbbing. I ventured into the great outdoors and down to the lakefront for a kite festival today. I enjoyed it, in spite of three separate people tripping over my lines while I was trying to get things ready. Listen people, you are at a goddamn kite festival. There are kites everywhere, do not look at me like an idiot when you trip over strings on the ground, especially when you walked directly between me and my fucking kite.

After the second one I almost left, but being out around people is a good exercise for me. I just hate them so much...

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