Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some is not enough.

There is a huge disconnect between what I want Mr. John Marstan to me and what he actually is. All his reactions to events are predetermined, and nothing that I do will change that. This means that even though I am playing him as a truly repentant ex-villain who does everything he can to make up for his past, he still threatens people with death on a regular basis. Even though I use a rifle all the time his abilities never improve, defaulting back to his handgun whenever possible. John Marstan is not mine; I no control over him beyond pointing him in a direction and aiming. This would not be as frustrating if I had not been spoiled by the likes of Oblivion and Mass Effect 2. In Oblivion my character was a dirty, evil thief, and I played him that way from beginning to end. He once killed an old women in her house, stepped out so he only charged with trespassing, then moved into said house, leaving her corpse in the chair for several months. Mass Effect 2 let me control everything Shephard said and did, and this level of interaction made his victory even sweeter. Red Dead Redemption offers none of these things. It is an excellent game, but simply does not create the experience that other games have.

To be fair, complaining about Red Dead Revolver not being an RPG is really stupid. That is not what this game is. I just look forward to a day when genres are no longer barriers between ideas. Fallout 3 was a start, Red Dead could have been another, instead it really is Grand Theft Horses, with all the bonuses and hindrances that entails.

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