Monday, May 10, 2010

Sony and the path of least effort.

So, I didn't like Little Big Planet.

To paraphrase that very old review, my complaints about Little Big Planet were grievous and two fold. First of all it was not a good platformer. Moving from plane to plane resulted to far to many deaths, controls were unresponsive, everything felt floaty and disconnected; it was a mess of a game. Secondly, they barely made a game to begin with. This is Garry's Mod, the full priced game, and it made zero sense to me. Why would I play full price for a game that amounts to shitty platforming and a box full of tools that are impossible to use? Maybe make a good game first, then release editors later. Sony did it the other way around, and for some reason that I cannot fathom people bought into it, paying $60 to make their own game that looks exactly like all the other games that other people are making. These are the same people who live for the thrill of people commenting on their facebook pages, who feel bad when someone unfriends them, and who twitter about how satisfying their last bowel movement was. Little Big Planet was a shell of a game, relying on players' egos and lack of other plans to make the game for them. And they have just announced they are doing it for the second time.

This time around they are going to allow for the creation of games across multiple genres, all of which will be copies of existing games that have already been done to death. If I wanted to make my own levels I would buy a god damn box of Lego's (which, oddly enough, would cost more). I don't understand why this is fun, and yet it will sell millions. There are people out there whose means of feeding and housing themselves is to make games. They went to school for it, work at it for many hours in a day, and occasionally turn out absolute gems that would be a crime to miss. Why would I (or most anyone else) assume we can do better? Or do it at all? And I don't want to hear about people making levels for games like Counterstrike and Battlefield. The people who are good enough to be noticed end of getting jobs in the industry, Everyone else just remakes Face in UT for the thousandth time.

Here it is: Little Big Planet's 'user created' gimmick is a bull shit way to make less game and make more money doing it. And it works. So have fun playing your remake of the mine cart levels from Donkey Kong Country that will disappear into total obscurity in a few weeks. I'll be over here enjoying games made by people who know what the fuck they are doing.

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