Saturday, May 1, 2010

Too much, too late.

I had seen quite a bit about how the tutorial for Final Fantasy XIII lasts over 25 hours. While this is clearly an exageration, it does take at least that long to feel anything like its name sake. For the first 24 hours of playtime I had this nagging feeling that I had put in a Star Ocean game and than Square was actually not invovled. Nothing in the environtments looked at all fatansy-ish; it was all techno-magic againt machine gun bearing soldiers. Now, after finally leaving Cocoon, it has settled down into a fanatasy setting. The area I am in now might as well be the Veldt. I half expect Gau to jump out at any moment and accost me with gutterals. A sub-quest has also made a long overdue appearance. These changes are all welcome, but they should have occured around 15 hours ago. Think back to Final Fantasy VII: how long did you really spend in Midgaar before the plate fell and Aeris died? Imagine spending an entire game there.

D&D warning!!!

Seeing Cocoon from the outside reminds me a great deal of Sigel from the Planescape universe. Sigel, the city of doors, exists inside a sphere that rests atop an infinately tall spire. It is the center of the multiverse, with portals to everywhere and nowhere. Cocoon is also the inside of a partially broken sphere that sits atop a tower. There area surrounding it is mostly barren, save for the roving beasts and ruined towns. I have no idea of any of this was intentional, but it is a little to spot on to be a coincidense.

Wait, what was that noise? Ah, it was just copy of Torment sitting in my drawer. Yes, I am sorry I never finished you, but I don't think you work in Windows 7!

The nameless one is not pleased with me.

Your soul is forfeit.

I'm screwed.

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