Friday, May 28, 2010

The unfortunate mirror

Nobody like mirror matches. Something about have to deal with all the tricks and moves you normally throw out just sucks the fun out of the game. Last night's PA ranbats say me wade through not one but two mirror matches against another Blanka. What makes it even worse is that they were with the same person, and he is better than I am. He played a very, very patient down-back Blanka, and this play style has many advantages over the way I play. My Blanka is aggressive, but not overly so, because I lack the skills to go into full blown pressure mode. I suppose my Blanka is reactionary and reliant on my knowledge of the opposing player and character, and this really doesn't work in a mirror match. Our first meeting was a route on his part, he countered everything I had and then some. Later, in the losers bracket, we fought again, and I managed to alter my style towards his just enough to win, but it really wasn't much fun.

Beating a dictator player who had in the past given me fits was a lot of fun, and I let him know it.

I came in third, behind the organizer who has fallen back to his Chun Li roots after dabbling with Ibuki. It was a good choice, his Chun is much better. He came in second in Cody, and to here him talk about it things weren't even close. I believe I have played this person, and it was ugly. Still, third place is pretty good for not playing for a week.

Tonight, and the entire weekend, are dedicated to moseying and nothing else. There might be some rustling, possible some whoring, definitely some bounty hunting, but no street fighting, and certainly no fairytale fighting.

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