Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walking in circles.

No sooner had the training wheels come off of Final Fantasy XIII than I ended up wandering in circles for around four hours. These new sub-quests are just bounty hunts, but they are are a convenient way to make grinding now feel so grindy. The XP was good, but when the final plot moment I came across was little more than 'you really should have gone north like we told you to,' it felt like the game really didn't know what to do with itself. Oblivion did open world right. Fallout 3 did open world right while maintaining a compelling narrative. Final Fantasy never really was about an open world, which makes it small attempts feel all the more awkward. As much as I complained about the beautiful hallways the the previous hours were made up of, at least I was going somewhere.

A quick breakdown of an average hour of Super Street Fighter IV for me:

First thirty minuted - lose consistently with Adon. I have yet to figure out how to get in against anyone who can control spacing. And even when I do get in it still feels unnatural for me to stay there.

Second thirty minutes - I get tired of losing and go back to Blanka, who I am maintaining a 75% win percentage with. This is doing my Adon no favors, but it keeps me coming back to the game. Eventually I would like to branch out further to Dhalsim and Dee Jay, but that may require splitting away from my green friend completely.

Speaking of green protagonists, I have decided that Blanka has this creepy crush on Juri. To deal with this I have my Blanka set with his sixth taunt, which looks very much like he is purring. Then I purr at Juri at every opportunity. It looks ridiculous, has cost me a round or two, but it is completely worth it.

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