Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why did I look?

The final area of Final Fantasy XIII is dragging on a bit (okay, a lot) so I decided to take a quick peek at how much I had left. There are no less than seven boss battles to go, each with upwards of 3 million hitpoint to whittle down. I would have been better off not knowing, as part of me really doesn't want to bother with it. I will persevere and finish it, because that is what I do, but that does not mean the odd balance decisions are not going to piss me off. For the vast majority of the game none of the combat has been that difficult. Paying attention to when healing was needed was enough to push through. Now, it the last dungeon, the game has decided to make up for things with random enemies that would make Nocturne jealous. (Note: one of the gaming achievement I am most proud of was finishing Nocturne. That game was hard, but consistently hard, and at least it was fair about it). Not getting the advantage at the beginning of a battle equals death, so I wasting many items and a great deal of money to get it. I have done no griding and I will certainly not backtrack to do any now, I just don't enjoy the sudden spike.

In a stunning turn of events Lost Planet 2 has been sent out, braking by streak of playing games that are more than month old. Hopefully Heavy Rain will no be too long, as it would be nice to get caught up on things before November. This is the most consistent use my PS3 has ever seen, I hope it survives.

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