Monday, June 28, 2010

Better and worse for it

Nier, much to my dismay, continues to grow on me. There aren't many characters here, and the bad guys are nebulous and generic, but the heroes are interesting and interact with one another in a fairly realistic manner. Well, realistic if you can get over the one female character running around in pajamas and a thong and sleeping outside. If TV has taught me anything, this happens all the time. Nier also throws bizarre game mechanics curve balls our with little notice. A few hours ago I ran into a boss whose attacks resembled bullet hell shooters. This has continued, and they have only gotten more insane. At least I can take more than one hit, but it is still quite unnerving to see a wall of glowing balls arranged in an undodgable pattern flying your way. Kind of like this.

Well, not really.

Just last night I found myself in a suitable tribute level to Gauntlet or Shadowgrounds. The night before that I spent around a half an hour in a text adventure, right down to choosing a direction, Zork style. I do not know what the developers were thinking, or what they were on, but the history hopping actually works. I keeps my interest up while waiting for the next plot point to be stingily metered out. Once I have gotten one of the four endings (hopefully not the one that actually deletes all of you save data) I will go read some of the back story that has come out since the games release. Apparently there are two games worth of prequel information there that will probably never be used. It's a shame, really. I am not going to call Nier a hidden gem or even a diamond in the rough, it's a piece of coal right now. Given enough time and money, though, it could turn into something better. I wasn't expecting to like anything here. Now that I do, what is bad is even worse, and the almost certain lake of further entries is disappointing.

Then again, they made a second 99 Nights and about a million Dynasty Warriors, so there is always hope.

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