Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Block and punish, block and punish

I joined a Street Fighter lobby last night with an old friend who knows just enough to to do special moves but not nearly enough about when not to use them. Third space in the lobby was filled with the flow-chartiest Ken that ever flowed a chart. If I pulled out my main, or my second (or my third) no one would have had any fun, but it was great opportunity to practice blocking random wake up ultras and other silliness. I stuck with random the entire time, landed on a few people I had literally never used before (Juri is easy mode against people who don't block), and everyone still had fun. I never profess to be an expert, but I know what punishes what, and I tried to help the other guys out. I hope they took it well...

Either I need to play games more quickly or I should go through my GameFly queue and start deleting random titles. At the rate I am going I will never catch up, but there is really nothing that I want to miss. The list right now, in no particular order:

Dead to Rights: Retribution
Splinter Cell Conviction
Resonance of Fate
Alan Wake
Deadly Premonition
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
3D Dot Game Heroes
Just Cause 2
Green Day: Rock Band

The only duds on there are Dead to Rights and Deadly Premonition, but they are both things that I still want to play, and this doesn't include the Summer of Arcade that usually has a few gems in it.

Of course, as someone who likes to play games, complaining about there being too many games to play is still. I would just like to play something current once in a while.

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