Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hate sympathy

I really should have skipped Street Fighter last night and finished Nier. Even a post-apocalyptic exercise in tragedy is more fun than a few of the matches I had last night. All of my problems matches come down to a total lack of patience on my part. I really want to keep the pace of the match going; if it stagnates then my shenanigans start to show. This works very well on people who don't know the Blanka matchup, and even keeps better players guessing, at least for a while. Good players adapt, though, and I have been playing the same people for many months. They know my Blanka, they know what I am trying to do, and they know that I get frustrated easily. Recently this has become an issue with two specific characters: Dhalsim and Dudley. The Dudley matchup has many of the same problems as fighting Boxer: every block ball is a hit, super or ultra. I am not scared of Boxer because I played him for a while when vanilla came out and I know the range of most of his attacks (and that a lp ball beats poorly spaced rush punches) but Dudley is a mystery. It seems that everything of his combos into everything else, and that almost everything he does is safe. I just need to play him more, but it will never be an easy match.

Now this guy:

In honor of the world cup.

Not quite that guy, but you get the idea.

Dhalsim is a pure mental block. From the very first time he sticks out a limb and pokes me from across the screen I am frustrated. It just gets worse as the match goes on, and my Blanka gets sloppier and scrubbier to the point of being embarrassing. Here is an example:

Last night it was a different Dhalsim and it was even worse, with the glaring humiliation of a perfect on his part. A perfect, from Dhalsim. I didn't even get any chip damage because I was scared to throw out any balls. The other Blanka players over at PA (who is significantly better than I am) maintains that Dhalsim is not that bad.

He lies.

It is fair to have a character nemesis. It gives a goal beyond sucking less: I need to suck less against specific things.

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