Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holding pattern

I haven't actually started Alpha Protocol yet, but it is in the drive and has been installed, so that must count for something. Metro 2033 also arrived while I was enraptured by Red Dead Redemption; I hold out the same hope for it that I held for the first STALKER sequel. Let's hope that they are not completely dashed in the same way. STALKER Clear Sky was so buggy that I actually gave up on it, and coming from someone who finished a pre-patch build of Temple of Elemental Evil, that's saying something. I wanted to look past all the problems and find the same kernel of excellence that the first STALKER had, but I simply could not bare restarting a large section after a crash again. It sits there in my Steam queue along with The Witcher, both of them mocking me for not playing them to their conclusion. I have no excuse for The Witcher. I don't remember why I stopped playing it, but it was at least one if not two installs of Windows ago. My saves are long gone and I have no desire to play through the beginning for a third time, even with all the more 'European' bits restored to their nipply glory.

I have gotten so out of touch with release dates that I found out there was a new Rock Band yesterday from a commercial on the radio. It was exciting until they said that it was Green Day Rock Band, and I remembered why I didn't care. There are so many bands that could support their own Rock Band (The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, hell even Bon Jovi or Def Lepperd) that I am baffled by this choice. Green Day? Seriously? I am not going to lie, I will play it, but I will be more embarrassed by that than I was by Band Hero.

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