Friday, June 18, 2010

I need more hours

Missed another day. I blame two scheduled ranbats per week and me finding myself clinging desperately to forth place and a first round by at the end of the season. Blanka Blanka mirrors continue to be no fun at all. I am going to try to get one up on YouTube just so everyone else can see why

Update 1: Alpha Protocol did indeed pick up steam as it moved towards its wiz-bang ending. It was very interesting to see all of the choices I made throughout the whole game come back and get me. There are a few things that I would like to have done differently, and a few boss fights that I missed by being to cozy with Russian mobsters and middle eastern terrorist organizations, but I don't care enough to play the game again. I was able to overlook the technical issues once, but subjecting myself to them a second time is not worth it when I have other terrible games to play.

I have seen fan blowback saying that comparing Alpha Protocol to Mass Effect is not fair as that was not its aim. You know what? Too bad. The RPG elements were a little more important in Alpha Protocol, but it was still a third person shooter with dialogue trees. One of them looked good and controlled well, the other did not. One of them was polished to the point of falling through the screen into another world, the other didn't bother to load all the textures until the middle the level, if ever. If I cannot compare them because they are both examples of games in the same genre, then I will simply call it like it is: Alpha Protocol was not good. Mass Effect was. Fair enough?

Update 2: Metro 2033. Holy shit! Where has this game been hiding and why aren't more people talking about it? (I suppose it is over a month old) A little research reveals middling reviews and I cannot understand why. Here's the comparison game again, only this time it will be used for good instead of evil. STALKER, bugs and all, is one of my favorite games of all time. No other PC shooter sucked me in as much, created atmosphere as deep and oppressive, and disappointed me more with a even buggier, terrible sequel. STALKER was an amazing open world shooter that was punctuated by terrifying linear areas full of shadows, monsters, and vodka soaked death. Metro 2033 is a string of the latter, one level after another of tense shooting action with dilapidated weapons, and I mean this as a compliment. Remember what you wanted Doom 3 to be? Metro 2033 is almost that. It's not perfect, but neither was STALKER, and I plan to enjoy it anyway.

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