Sunday, June 13, 2010

Late night vengence

I don't know if Alpha Protocol has actually improved or if I have acquiesced to playing it the way that it wants to be played. Sneaking around levels and choking people out is not as effective as I would have liked, so peeking around corners and shooting people in the head will have to suffice. As long as a full blown firefight doesn't break out I am fine; as soon as one does things fall apart. A few levels ago I had to defend someone from an onslaught of about twelve guys. It would have been easier if the person I was guarding had the common sense to move when a grenade landed beside him instead of looking at it and wondering if is actually going to explode. Then again, he was ex-KGB, so I should not be surprised by his incompetence and stubbornness.

At least the game has made good on it threats of choices actually making a difference. So far I have shot a man in cold blood because he didn't give the correct code back which gave my identity away to the whole city, sent all sorts of classified information to a red head that I met on a plane (and who is undoubtedly a counter-agent) which will probably bite me in the ass and chosen to save over a hundred innocents instead the of one person who tipped me off to the whole thing. That last one was a little surprising as I didn't expect them to go all the way with it. Generic evil villain henchman number 33 taunted me by saying that I could either disarm the bomb or save the girl; I went for the bomb. Just as I expected the bad guys showed up with the girl in tow, let her think she was going to get away, and then shot her in the back right in front of me. It would have been nice if the main character reacted in some way, but you have to hire actual voice actors for that to work. What should of been rage or frustration sounded more like he was calling the QVC hotline because his hummel collection arrived with a few cracked figures.

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