Thursday, June 3, 2010

One hour only, please

Okay, I only have one hour to play tonight. I'll just do a story mission and pick up this bounty...

Attempt #1: Damn, this is a long ride. Found you! Get on my horse, muchacho. Wow, there certainly are a lot of mounted bad guys around.


Attempt #2: Hey look, wolves! I need to kill five of those with my knife! There's only a few here, so let do it. Hey look, they have a whole bunch of friends.

*chewed on*


Attempt #3: Hey look, a bunch of corrupt marshals are going to shoot that guy! I'll just watch. What, you're telling me to leave? And what if I don't?

*shot in head several times*


Attempt #4: Success! Shit, I should have gone to bed almost an hour ago.

*at work the next day*


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