Saturday, June 19, 2010

Over excited

I may have been a little to quick with my blanket positive assessment of Metro 2033. I love how it looks, I love how it sounds, but I really do not like how it plays. It's like they spent all their time and effort on making in nice and immersive but forgot that people were actually going to play the thing. Monsters come at you in droves, but their animations are incredibly sloppy and it is very difficult to tell if shots are actually hitting them. Damage form weapons is inconsistent; sometime a mutant goes down in one shotgun blast, sometimes it takes three. Fighting people is worse, as they can kill you from a distance with impossible accuracy and don't follow the games own rules of stealth. Metro 2033 has no standard HUD. All information is displayed on your person via a watch or on the weapons themselves. This usually works very well; there is even an 'am I hidden' gauge right out of Splinter Cell, except that it doesn't work. I was sitting in a corner waiting for about a dozen Nazis (yes, there are Nazis in this game) to pass so I could sneak out behind them. Every single time I tried this, and it was a lot of times, one of them would walk past the door, turn around, and fire blindly into the darkened room for no reason. The ensuing fire fight never ended up in my favor. I think that I had somehow alerted them to my presence right before the checkpoint, so every resurrection had me already in the cross hairs, but even knowing what happened doesn't make losing twenty minutes to reloads feel any better.

The STALKER comparison is becoming more and more apt. It had very similar execution problems, only Metro 2033 is not going to receive the bevy of fan made mods that made a very good game even better.

As promised, here is video of the painful Blanka mirror from Thursday. It was about as much fun to play as it is to watch.

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