Saturday, June 26, 2010

So that's why I stayed

After a few more solid solid hours with Nier I have realized why I am still playing it, and it is for none of reasons normally associated with things that make a game good. The first companion that the main character comes across is a talking book (the Grimoir Weiss, and lord help you if you abbreviate his name). Weiss is incredibly powerful, but he cannot remember how to do anything with this power, so he follows you around on your quest thinking that he can probably save the world, but is not really sure how. He is also a cynical bastard who complains about all the do gooding quests you take up. This interaction between the meat headed protagonist and his snarky hard bound sidekick is hilarious. Nier is a buddy cop movie, complete with female accomplice that one guy likes and the other one hates. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but either way it has yet to get old. For example:

Weiss - Killing sheep again? Really, no task is below you, is it?


Hero - Maybe you can save the world. And to think, I was going to use you as kindling.

Weiss - I should be furious, but that would be admitting you said something clever.

No, I did not also star in Culdcept Saga.

Okay, so maybe they aren't that funny, but they are the best that the game has to offer at this point. It doesn't feel like it is very long, which is good, but I have been wrong about game length before. The worst example of this was the first Magna Carta: at forty hours I decided to tough it out and finish the game off, saying to myself 'how much longer could it be?' Turns out there were twenty more hours to go, and none of them were enjoyable.

Apparently I lied to myself about quiting when I had to start tending a garden. A few of the quests require wheat to finish and I have been unable to find a place to buy it. Without even thinking about what I was getting into I planted a few rows next to my house and since then every time I walk past it to save I check in on them, cursing the elements for their poor performance. It's insidious.

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