Friday, July 23, 2010

Am I dead or just not paying attention?

I am still not done being proud of nerds banding together and mocking a group of religious nuts. Truly, a worthy target.

Limbo ended abruptly and without explanation. I was not playing it for story or deep meaningful truths, anyway, but a little but of explanation would not have hurt. It was good enough that as soon as I was done I started over, playing without dying until I killed the spider by pulling off it last leg for a second time. Its impact was not diminished by familiarity, which is something that I can say about very few games. I may play through from beginning to end one more time before I am done with it, not because I think there are hidden nuggets of exposition lurking in the shadows, only because I liked how the game looked and wish to give it the attention it deserves before it gets lost in my gaming past. There was talent and ambition here, but not a lot of experience. I look forward to their next offering.

With Limbo out of the way I was able to return to Resonance of Fate. It was just where I left it, stubbornly punishing me for acting without thinking. After over ten hours of games I finally came across a second town, only I did not have the requisite colored hex to actually open it. The world map is, in the beginning, entirely locked off. Only by using different shaped hexes, sometimes of only a specific color, can this be opened up. Did I mention that you cannot actually buy these hexes? They are given to you sparingly at the start of some quests, and after that they are random drops from enemies and cannot be purchased in shops. This of course leads to griding on the world map to unlock more of the world map to grind in. It like pole dancing without a girl present: there's the pole, but if you want anything to happen you have to do it yourself, and no one is actually going to enjoy it.

Resonance of Fate, while a better game than Final Fantasy XIII, is going to end up being played in the same way: only when I have nothing else to play. Right now Deadly Premonition, and game so terribly campy that I had to see it for myself, and the new/old Prince of Persia are waiting. One of them will be started this weekend. Which one will be determined by how much self abuse I feel I can stand.

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