Saturday, July 17, 2010


Step into the way back machine with me and think back to Final Fantasy XIII. I recall being baby sat through the first two thirds of the game, shown how to do everything several time whether I needed it or not, and even then the training wheels didn't come of until the game was almost done. Resonance of Fate has taken the complete opposite approach: it doesn't tell you how to do anything unless you ask, and even then the instructions are terribly obtuse. There is no map to guide you through levels, no pop ups to tell you how to survive in combat, and no safety net to keep you from being slaughtered by enemies that you don't know how to beat. I walked into the overworld, blindly searching for my first objective, only to be nearly destroyed by a random encounter because I had not idea how to attack back. Only after wandering into the arena out of frustration did I find someone to explain the basics of combat. Even with the poorly translated instruction nothing was easy, but at least it was a start.

At first I was terribly frustrated. How dare a game not tell be what to do and how to do it! Then I remembered: this is how RPG's used to be. Role playing games used to have a much steeper learning curve, an almost impenetrable barrier between the casual gamer and their juicy insides. It has been so long since I have seen one that I forgot what it looked like. Once I got re-accustomed to thinking for myself Resonance of Fate became a welcome return to the RPG's of my youth. It is too early to tell if it is actually any good, but I like what it is trying to do, and I really like that it is not taking hours of time teaching me things that I should have to figure out for myself.

I suppose I should explain yesterday's sudden one sentence desertion from fighting in the streets. For the second week in the row my performance in the ranbat was embarrassing, being beaten soundly (and even not so soundly) but people that I had beaten in the past. My game has completely stagnated; all I have been doing is teaching people how to beat me and not coming up with anything new. There is a point right in between people who are good and everyone else that I have always occupied and it is a plateau that I have never managed to escape. I lack the dedication or skill to learn a new character, and I lack the self control to keep from screaming obscenities at the TV in the middle of the night. So that's it. It's just not fun anymore. Apparently being mediocre is not good enough for me, so I am hanging up the green balls for good.

Now when is that new Mortal Kombat coming out?


  1. Play hdr on the ps3 with me.

  2. I may do that. The PS3 controller is really not that bad.