Thursday, July 1, 2010

The dreaded new game +

I have probably complained before about developers hiding things after the end of the game to artificiality extend play time *cough*FINAL FANTASY XIII*cough* so I won't go back in to it to far. Suffice it to say that Nier is quite guilty of this, offering up additional cut scenes and story about a specific character only if you play through the second half of the game a second time. The worst part of it is that I almost want to. I have been told that re-running through the end game will only take two hours if you skip all the side quests, which I pretty much did the first time anyway, but sitting in front of my TV are the new Splinter Cell and Resonance of Fate, both better games that I will not have to ignore significant parts of to enjoy, to say nothing of Puzzle Quest 2 which I have already downloaded and paid for. If they had only put this extra content into the game proper as opposed to hiding it behind the end credits it would be an easy decision. Retreading through the same areas again, after having seen them all twice in the main game already, is a tall task indeed.

Maybe I am getting more OCD as I get older and just want to see the rest of the story. Heck, I cleaned up the empty beer bottles and soda cans next to my gaming chair without being asked, surly that is a sign of something.

Nier's ending was strangely positive on the surface, something the game had not managed to be in any way up to that point. Look a bit deeper and you realize that the main character and his bizarre crew are actually evil in the eyes of the world, and that saving his daughter may have doomed all of humanity. It is very difficult to explain, and I am not even sure that I understand, but the 'human' characters are not human. They are just vessels built to hold human souls until whatever killed the people off goes away. The actual humans are the shades you have been killing for twenty odd hours, and your daughter is actually the shadowlords daughter. Oh, and the shadowlord? He is kind of you, but not really.

This convolution is worthy of Square. If only the production values were as well.

Thanks to the PA crew for Blanka advice. It is much appreciated, especially since I will be using what you have suggested against you.

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