Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The government lies?

One day after I get done praising Splinter Cell Conviction for being more open and forgiving than I expected it to be it decides to devolve back to it roots with a linear 'be seen once and you fail' level. It was thirty minutes of trial and error, being spotted by guards who I didn't know were there, then jumping back a checkpoint and doing it all again. As a reward for surviving this half hour of bull shit I was finally given Sam's trademark goggles, only to be informed that everyone else had them too and that they knew how to use them better. Sure, they may be able to see through walls, but they have terrible aim and no peripheral vision, so killing them three at a time never really got any harder. I just didn't feel nearly as cool doing it.

This series of unpleasant turns also took it upon itself to punish me for not knowing who any of the characters are by referencing previous games plot points so fast that nothing made sense anymore. This is what I got: Sam's best friend, who was also his handler and commanding officer, learned of a threat to Sam's daughter from inside the agency so he fakes her death and hides her away, telling her Sam is actually the one who is dead. He never figures out who the mole was, never tells Sam the truth, and Sam actually ends up killing him for some reason. Oh, and there are massive, hidden organizations that want to kill the president and cover it up with EMP bombs that take out all the electronics in DC. This is how I imagine the plot outlines for the later seasons fo 24 look.

This is also why I don't watch 24.

I am slightly pleased with myself with last nights ranbat. That Ryu player from last week? I beat him in pools it an incredibly close match. He had his revenge later and knocked me out of the losers bracket by (in his words) 'burying me in salt' but it was still a move in the right direction. There was another Blanka mirror, and it ended the same exact same way as last time, but once again no one had any fun getting there.

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