Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grinding for torsos

Resonance of Fate continues to punish my flabby RPG skills. This time I broke a very old rule and sold a whole bunch of things that I did not think were good for anything. Not five minutes later, after starting a new chapter, someone asks for the very same mannequin parts that I sold off. It was uncanny. I spent the next thirty minutes grinding for torsos and I still haven't gotten back to where I was before. The one upside to this is that I feel a little over leveled now. This covers up my poor understanding of the combat quite well, but will only last for so long. Eventually I am going to have to learn how to kill things quickly and efficiently. Just not tonight.

Tonight (and tomorrow night, most likely) are dedicated to Limbo. I plan on running through it in one or two sittings without interruption and enjoying every minute of it. The fact that it is a densly packed five to six hour is a bonus. I will never complain about a developer trimming all the fat off of a game and leaving nothing but rock hard gameplay and atmosphere it its place. This is a lesson that many, many companies should learn *cough*Squeenix*cough*: that length and quality are not codependent. On the contrary, padding a game out to ridiculous lengths actually lessens what is already there. Final Fantasy XIII would have been a very good twenty hour RPG.

While I have retired from Street Fighting, I have had a difficult time giving up theory fighting. Watching other people play offers most of the thrills without the crushing self loathing that playing poorly causes. I can loathe other people instead, which is much healthier, and no one has to listen to me lose my shit over a head set.

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