Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's raining gems, hallelujah, it's...

Going back through the last few hours of Nier was very much not worth it in any way beyond whoring out a few more achievement points. It humanized the shades a little more by translating their grunts and groans into angsty complaints like 'Why us?' and 'What did we do to deserve this?' Things were bleak enough without this little bit of insight. The second ending goes out of it way to try to give a happy ending to everyone, even the shadowlord, which again misses the point. There is nothing wrong with an action RPG being only twenty hours. This kind of time (and emotional) padding just lessens what was already presented.

Right after Nier I started up Puzzle Quest 2, and while I love the it to no end for scratching two very specific nerd itches at the same time (puzzle games and tweaking equipment ad nauseum), there are two odd problems with it:

#1. Every time I close my eyes I see skulls and falling gems. This is not a joke. The only other game that I remember doing this was Turok 2, and that was after around eight straight hours of corridor running. Eventually it goes away, but it is a little unnerving.

#2. The pace and music are so relaxed that it puts me to sleep. Quickly. I am going to try streaming some of my own tunes from my PC to mix things up, but playing this for more than an hour at a time just isn't going to happen. Puzzle Quest 2 is like a very good, very high proof beer: after two our three it's still fun, but passing out becomes more and more likely.

Splinter Cell Conviction is next on the list. This will be the first Splinter Cell I have ever played, so I will undoubtedly play in wrong. The only stealth game I have ever really enjoyed was Thief III, and that was only because I could create a rather large stack of unconscious guards and light them on fire. I did this whenever possible as a warning to remaining guards.

They never learned.

Which was fine with me.

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