Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Live, die and learn

Missed another day, and there is much to talk about.

Being new to Splinter Cell in general has insulated me from a lot of any plot silliness left over from the previous three entries. All I have gotten is that Sam Fisher is a bad ass and that you do not want to fuck with him, lest he choke you out and leave your broken body to rot as an example. It also is not really a stealth game, at least not compared to what the originals were. The first Splinter Cell had at least a few 'be seen once and the mission is over' sections which are what kept me away. That kind of draconian 'my way or game over' design does not appeal to me anymore. The best comparison I can come up with for Conviction is to the most recent Hitman, and I mean this as a compliment. The player is presented with situations that have multiple solutions, failure being one of them. If things go poorly the level does not end (most of them, anyway) and you have to deal with the results. Reloading from the last checkpoint is always still an option, but not required, so at least it is up to me to decide. I will say that if you manage to alert everyone in the area to your presense Sam is going to die. Even with the execute ability that automates several head shots at a time there are just too many dudes with guns to take care of. As awesome as Sam his, he does not take well to multiple bullet wounds from assault weapons. Then again, who does.

It is an incredibly disjointing transition, but platooning time between Conviction and Puzzle Quest 2 works well. After around two hours of tense sneaking around moving colored blocks back and forth is a welcome relief. I am still waiting for Puzzle Quest 2 to get difficult; in the mean time I am enjoying steamrolling goblins for minimal gain. Plus after five or six fights I am falling asleep anyway. I am sure there will be a fight or two that will require more retries and luck than anything else, but the random element is part of the charm. Getting killed in one round by some over powered giant is amusing in its absurdity; getting killed after fighting for thirty minutes sucks. I am sure both will come.

They are quite late, but I have most of my videos from last Thursday's ranbat uploaded to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wallyllama1 The most I learned was in this loss to Ryu:

To sum things up: I jump too much. I rely on jump ins for combos, which is why I eat not one, but two lp SRK into ultras. The Chun Li match is similar, only add to it forgetting how to do my ultra at the right time. Still, the loses were not blow outs, and that is a step in the right direction.

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