Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My tin hat, please.

The only downside to spending another entire evening playing Puzzle Quest 2 is that there is nothing to talk about afterward. It is very difficult to squeeze interesting discourse out of falling gems. Perhaps if I was more creative I could craft something compelling, perhaps equating the descending skulls with the decline of western civilization or our swiftly eroding moral standard. Your character wanders through the decayed dungeons of our economy, fighting off the undead remains of slaughtered companies. Each victory is fleeting, as it does little more than prepare you for the next battle against the liberal/conservative agenda, whichever one you find more distasteful. New tools and clothes are difficult to come buy, so you are forced to scavenge whatever you can to make moderate improvements to you old and smelly affects. I could talk about these things. I could also talk about how Puzzle Quest 2 is just another in a long line of 'entertainment' items designed to squander your time, soften your physical resilience, thereby making you easy pickings for the forthcoming Popcap sponsored invasion. Any of these would make for a good rant, but I am not that full of shit.

Not quite.

I did manage to put in another day's work with Resonance of Fate, getting past the pointless blockade of colored hexes from last week. All the wandering back and forth searching for mannequin parts has left me a little over leveled. This has been fortunate, as the current chapter sees one of my party sick in bed and the other two on missions with her. These leaves an extra weapon, and one of the could dual wield, but I have attached so many doo-dads and hoo-has to the guns that they are to heavy to wield in one hand. I have made pistols so large they are held like rifles. I only wish the in game model reflected these atrocities; fusing three barrels together loses its affect when it is only apparent in a menu.

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