Friday, July 9, 2010

Not enough blood

Pardon me while I contradict most of yesterday's second paragraph.

I have heard my attention span described as completely unfocused and very fragile. This may be giving it too much credit; that fact that I have stuck to this for as long as I have is nothing short of a miracle. I thought that playing through the Deniable Ops missions would be just as enjoyable as the rest of the game. It was for a while, but there was a definate point where I went from serious as interested to no longer giving a shit. The only surprise was how quickly it happened; from one area to a next I completely gave up on it, running through levels without regard for stealth. Everything I said yesterday about the wonders of simulated violence is still true, but without some sort of narative to pull things along even killing people gets old. So I was wrong yesterday.

But I was right, too.

I am watching the EVO stream right now and the play from the pools is not that impressive. Most of the matches are one sided beatdowns with veterans beating up on new comers and hoping to not run into that one nobody who will embarass them. The Ken promotion, giving a cowboy hat to the highest placing Ken, is brilliant. There should be something like that for every charcter. Think about it:

Best Cammy gets a leotard.
Best Blanka gets some bananas.
Best Dictator gets a small country.
Best Guile gets told to go home and be a family man,

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