Friday, July 30, 2010

Private personal confidant

Now it is time for a few more embarrassing gamer confessions.

I did not play Diablo until it came out on the PS1.

I tried to play Diablo II on several occasions, but it was so long after it release that it was incredibly dated graphically, and I couldn't stand it for very long.

What does this have to do with Puzzle Quest 2? Every action RPG (Diablo, Torchlight, Titan Quest, etc) is an exercise in enduring repetition. How long can you stand to do the same thing with limited reward. Good ones, like Titan Quest and Torchlight, meter out small rewards on a consistent basis to keep interest levels high. Even though what I am doing has essentially not changed, my equipment has, or I have a new power to kill things with. Puzzle Quest 2, on the other hand, has changed nothing for the last several hours. I have been using the same powers for over ten character levels, the same equipment for almost as long, and because it is a puzzle game the mechanics have been the same since the very beginning. Last night I was convinced I was almost done; everything, right down to the way the dungeon level was mapped out, screamed final boss time. Nope, just more stairs and new enemies that you don't actually fight. The first Puzzle Quest avoided this by giving you more to do. This time around I may actually get tired of matching gems before the game is done.

I have an unusual problem: I have no idea what I should play this weekend. Resonance of Fate still has over twenty hours left to go, I have made good on my threat to pick up DJ Hero (which is currently unopened and sitting in my car), and I made the mistake of starting Deadly Premonition last night. I have not decided if it will make the turn from terrible to terribly awesome or not. Last night's hour was not even close to making the jump and was just bad. It looked and controlled like Dreamcast refugee, and while nostalgia is fun I have no time for it. On the other hand the snippets of story I am getting are so bizarre that I want to know what happens next. The made character keeps talking to someone named Alex who no one else can see. I have a bad feeling that he is talking to his wang, but I could be wrong.

I mean, who would name their wang 'Alex'?

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