Saturday, July 10, 2010

This shit writes itself

Best Chun Li gets a thigh master.
Best Ryu gets reminded that Daigo is still better.
Best Sagat gets beaten with a nerf bat.
Best Dhalsim gets put on a rack.
Best Vega and Zangief hook up in secret.
Best Dee Jay just doesn't care, 'cause 420 erredy.

Ok, that was pretty lame.

I gave up on watching the pools after around an hour last night. The stream was laggy and good matches were few and far between. One of the announcers described Evo as the Wrestlemania of gaming, and that would be true if he were only talking about Sunday night's finals. Friday and Saturday are like the weeks and weeks of Raws leading up to it: required viewing if you want to know whats going on, but really not very good.

I may be wrong about this, but I do not think anyone, even the top players, got passes out of the pools. Imagine sitting down at your first Evo, nervous as hell, and realizing that your very fist match was against Justin Wong or Daigo or Sanford. That would be like showing up at a public golf course for a drunken scramble and Tiger Woods was there, and he was on the other team. And then he started talking to your wife.

At first it would be an honor, and then you realize the you just got fucked, and you may not be the only one.

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