Monday, July 12, 2010

(Non)surprise ending

Think back to when you saw Return of the Jedi for the first time. If it wasn't in the theatre, get off of my lawn, but keep reading. Remember how amazing the final duel between Vader and Luke was? Remember the moment right after Luke cuts off his father's arm and he is standing over him, mere inches away from ending his life, and you weren't sure what was going to happen next? Imagine that the projector exploded right at that point, the film goes dark for several minutes, and when you come back you find out that Vader won and Luke got gutted like a bitch.

Without the gory embellishment, this is almost what happened last night during the stream of the EVO finals between Daigo and Ricky Ortiz. Daigo, playing the part of sir lord Darth Vader, was looking good but not dominant over the rather effeminate sister kissing Ortiz. Just as things were getting interesting the stream cuts off and 30,000+ people sat at their computers going

Goodness, this is moderatly unpleasent.

only to find out that Daigo won anyway. This was not a surprise, but it would have been nice to see. All of my hopes dies when Gamerbee, an Adon player who no one outside of Korea and Japan had every heard of, lost to Mike Ross, and then Ross lost to the creepily pretty Ortiz. Either one would have had a better chance and at the very least would have been more interesting to watch. There was very little hype for the last match because most everyone knew how it was going to go. Now the Gamerbee vs Justin Wong match from Saturday was amazing. No one saw it coming, least of all Wong. I really hope Gamerbee has more staying power than Inthul (padlong) who didn't even make it out of the pools.

All of this streaming goodness has put back my starting Resonance of Fate by several days. Watching the top 32 on Saturday made skipping the finals impossible. It was worth it, though I feel sorry for the Eastern time zone who had to make it to after 1:30 am for a lackluster ending. Most of the EVO competitors are on a completely different level, one that I will never attain, but playing theory fighter in an IRC chatroom with dozens of people I have never met is almost as fun. It would have been nice to pass the time wasted by Tekken 6 with slot machines and booze, but I least I got some puzzle questing done in the mean time and I still have all the money that I started the day with.

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