Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Urge to kill rising

A good game, regardless of the setting, is consistent with itself and its own rules. Even totally fictional worlds where death can be cheated on a regular basis become believable when what happens the first time an action is taken works again the second time. What does this have to do with an arcade racing title like Split/Second? Even in a game where the laws of physics are given the finger in favor of over the top silliness that would make Newton (or your local insurance adjuster) blush the same rules should apply to everyone on the road. Moving at a too high a speed and taking a corner in a rear wheel drive car creates under steer, I understand this and adjust for it. It also slows you down significantly; again, this it to be expected. What drives me crazy is when I see an AI controlled car careening around a corner in an impossible line with no hit to speed or control. To put it more bluntly, the computer cheats. It cheats often, is blatant about it, and it do so because it has no other option. A race must be competitive to be enjoyable, but allowing the other cars to perform as if they had glue on their tires is not the way to do it.

After around thirty minutes on one race, a race that I eventually settled with a second place finish in, I realized that this is going to be even more short lived that I thought. While that have very little in common past cars going down a track, I have been irrevocably spoiled by Forza 3. In my mind no racing game, arcade or simulation, can compare to that experience. I know full well that when the new Gran Turismo comes out, parading around 3D visuals as its big improvement, nothing will actually have changed. Forza will still be the best racing game I ever played.

This does not bode well for the other racing game currently in my queue, Blur. As long as a few weeks pass between now and when I actually get to play it things will be fine, otherwise it could end up being a single evening event.

For the first time since I started paying in the PA ranbats I did not make the top eight and move on to the elimination round. There was a massive turn out, which caused my usual 2 and 2 record to put me just to far down the list to continue. It is frustrating, but at least I had a few good matches against a new Rose player. When Rose air throw Blanka out of an EX up ball there is nothing you can but cheer.

Not in my house, she says, I don't care how big your balls are and what you do with them.

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