Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where time becomes a loop

After another night of Resonance of Fate I have come to unfortunate realization that nothing has actually happened. There has been no plot development for well over sixteen hours. Every chapter has played out the same way: there is one main objective that feels like just another side mission and there are around three or four other side missions that are just as pointless as a good fetch quest should be. Each little mission has its own story, but there is nothing overarching here; no story arc to tie everything together. It makes it far to easy to walk away for long periods of time, which is really not good because I do plan on finishing the game eventually. Boss encounters are creatively staged and each requires a distinct strategy. The end of the last chapter put me up against a giant soldier with just two character. He was large enough and smart enough to sidestep into your path when you try to run past him with a hero action. After flying through the air and slamming into him in full Three Stooges fashion I realized that I had to move at right angles with him, allow him to change his focus to the other character, then finally hit him in his week spot.

If only he didn't he have a little friend who could re-spawn indefinitely, usually right on top of the character who is about to finish things off. Nope, that never happened. Several times.

DJ Hero has finally made it down to a reasonable price. I don't remember is I talked about this or not, but I do plan on picking in up before the current Game-Stop-O sale is over. My inside man informed me today that his discount would not work, so I will actually have to wander into a brick and mortar to pick it up. Enough time has past that most people I worked with are gone, so I don't feel bad about walking into one of my old stores, looking around, then confidently thinking to myself

"This place looks like shit. It was better when it was my store."

This is not arrogance. Well, it is, but it is also the truth. I spent many years working for Electronics Boutique, then EB Games, and finally GameStop. They were good years, but I do not wish to repeat them. In the real world I make more money, don't work nights, have weekends off, can browse the internet at work, have holidays off and don't have arbitrary metrics placed on what success is.

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