Friday, July 2, 2010

Zero discipline

Thankfully the ranbat took quite a while last night, it put off trying to avoid going back to Nier for a few hours. When it was over jumping back into it was almost instinctual, before I knew what was happening the arcade stick was unplugged and the discs had been switched. Things really are moving quickly and I should be able to get the second ending tonight and be done with it. It better be worth it, or I'll, I'll... do nothing and move on to the next game, as usual.

Pool play last night found me sitting at 4-0 after four games, which was a first, and also somewhat misleading. One of my opponents stuck his secondary character (Juri) only to move back to his main to knock me into the losers bracket, the second was a Ryu who was still learning which end is up. The third and forth both switched characters after a loss when they should have stuck it out and kept going. Switching from Cammy to Juri was a mistake, as was moving from Dictator to Guile. They have no way of knowing what matches I am more comfortable with, but it did work out in my favor.

Once the double elimination section began it was all downhill. I was knocked out in two matches, which is sadly not unusual. I will say this about my two loses: I fell for less stupid shit than I usually do. Only once did I get caught by a focus anti-air, opting for an empty jump and throw instead. I also learned that against a good Ryu there is pretty much nothing Blanka can do to get out of a corner if he has no EX. It was ugly, but I will post the matches over the weekend anyway.

Apparently Ryu has a thing for hairy green guys. It doesn't surprise me.

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