Sunday, August 1, 2010


I did not want to like Deadly Premonition, and to that point I am not sure why I do. The game is ugly; I take that back, it is fugly. I know this is a budget title, but there is little excuse for how bad things looks here, especially when driving around. Speaking of driving, Deadly Premonition has some how one upped Alone in the Dark for terrible driving controls. Nothing has chased me yet and the city is not crumbling under my feet, but it is much more tediously difficult to get from here to there then it should be. The list keeps going (the combat is bad, the main character moves like he was transplanted of of Resident Evil 1), but I still have this odd compulsion to finish the game. Agent York (and Alex, who is probably just a voice in his head, or the voice of his head) is one of the biggest douche bags I have run across in any game, ever. He is pretentious, arrogant, insensitive and bat shit crazy to boot. In other words, he's awesome. Most of the other characters and strange in their own right, but they are all so exasperated by York's presence that it is a joy to watch. This is what Twin Peaks: The Game would be, and I mean that in both a positive and negative way. With a little more attention to the actual game parts of the game this could have been good; instead it is an oddity that very few people with bother experiencing.

It is not a good idea, but I have decided to split my time 50/50 between Deadly Premonition and Resonance of Fate. This guarantees that it will take me far to long to finish either of them. This is only possible because I have quit a certain other game that ate up two nights a week. I don't know how I ever had time for it, which is going to make it even more difficult when I get over being a bitch and decide to go back. It is still at least a week or two off, but time will be made for Blanka again eventually. And when I do, look out:

That shit's sophisticated.

Little more thought or discussion has been put into the I-phone MMO idea that my friend brought up, but I did come up with an idea for a new character class. This has probably been done, and if so I apologize to whoever actually came up with it. I have always been annoyed with cool down timers for powers; there has to be a better way to limit the use of an ability than an arbitrary timer. Lets remove the timer; while we are at it lets get rid of the concept of a mana gauge as well. There is a better way to manage abilities: have them cost hit points to use. This creates an immediate risk/reward that can be adjusted for how powerful an ability is. Want to set of an AOE that freezes enemies in place? Go for it, but you are going to spend half your life doing it. Healing of course becomes an issue, which is why this may not be a good solution for every class, but I would really like to see a mage or other support class work this way.

Like I said, this has probably been done. Hell, I may have even played something like this and have forgotten it, but it streamline with simplifying, plus it creates a reliance on a tank to keep you safe. Unless on of the abilities you are spending all your life on is to create a tank...

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