Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ah, capitalism!

Fresh from the 'I am surprised it took this long' department:

Street Fighter pros offer lessons, for a price.

Please don't read the comments on the article, there are on the level of YouTube commentary. To summarize, there are quite a few people who are so full of themselves and their own abilities that they cannot understand why anyone would actually do this, and are letting everyone else know. They are completely missing the point. The people offering these services have a 'product' that they there is a demand for. This product is intangible, incredibly difficult for other to reproduce, has no shipping cost and is almost free for the producer to create. These guys are selling their talent and I applaud the effort.There is nothing wrong with offering to teach someone how to be better at something they enjoy and making a little on the side for the time. While I do not know how much actual value can come from an hour of time with J Wong, and I think that the pricing is a little out of order, I will certainly not look down on someone who takes them up on their offer. Time will tell if this will be a success, but I can see discounted rates in the future. The market will decide what it will bear ($20 an hour is my prediction) and it certainly beats working for a living.

Money from scrubs spends the same as any other kind, too.

I spent about an hour and half in ranked last night, running into more than my fair share of Ryu's who had no idea what they were doing. They all seem to fall for the same thing, too: Blanka's crouching fierce punch. Crouching fierce is magic: it has pretty good reach, is reasonably fast and it is a serviceable anti air. I didn't even have to sit on down back, either. Walk forward, crouching fierce, walk forward, crouching fierce. It's no near as good as Dudley standing fierce (nothing is) but it stumped a few Ryu's that should have known better when judged by their BP. The final match of the night was against a Balrog, and while a Balrog Blanka match is always unpleasant, I gave him a run for his fight money. I made the unfortunate discover that Blanka's super trades with Balrog's ultra (which is bullshit), but it looked really cool in the replay.

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