Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back, but no better

After around thirty minutes in the training room trying to remember how things worked I was back into ranked with my old green friend. It was not terrible, though I did lose to a few people who I should most certainly not have. What was most interesting were the nerves: anxiety that in the past was reserved for close matches against known opponents was back in full force against random people. Yes, the button pressing skills had sagged, but the calmness required to actually do what needs to be done was also gone. The real positive was the time not spent fighting people and actually practicing. I pulled off the crouching medium kick link into ultra that I had never done before (once), the forward hop into ultra, and a few other links into balls that I had never tried before. I do question how much that extra ten points of damage is worth when it exponentially increases the risk of dropping the combo, but once it becomes natural that will no longer be an issue.

I am happy that I quit for a while; it provided a little distance, distance that I needed to realize that I play how I play and that there is nothing wrong with that. Now if I can get over raging at people I don't know for my own mistakes things will be back to normal.

I am on vacation this weekend so entries will be light, and definitely devoid of video game discussion. Certain people who are vacationing with me would be very, very upset if my Xbox came along.

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